Monday, December 13, 2010

How to overturn filing cabinets in less than 5 seconds

Well, I've done it! I've taken a gigantic leap of faith and after 8.5 years resigned from the University of Melbourne. It's a huge thing for me, and as I was announcing my intention to leave, I think I nearly broke into emotional weeping about three times, and went steely-faced for the rest of it. But I've done it, and despite all of the scenes that are sure to follow, I know I have made a good decision.

So what's next for me? Well, as the title suggests, I am moving on to a career of thuggery, so to speak anyway. In Feb, I will be taking up my new role as the National Indigenous Organiser for the NTEU, and I cannot believe my luck in being offered this opportunity. I just hope I do really really well at it, because I have just under two months before I start and already I'm nervous as hell! But to be paid to do something I am really passionate about (again) within a politically-driven organisation such as a union, and have an opportunity to help change things for the better is just amazing. I am looking forward to the new challenges, and working with a group of people I already like, and I am also looking forward to working so close to the South Melb markets and Max Brenner... :D. I will also be still living this jetset lifestyle of mine, and am really looking forward to meeting a whole heap of Indig colleagues in the Universities across the country. First stop: DARWIN!

I am really going to miss all the students though, and a great number of amazing colleagues. 8.5 years is a long time with any organisation (even if it started as one org, got swallowed by a bigger org, then I moved over to the bigger org a year after) and you make a lot of great connections in that time. But I will still be a student there, and therefore UniMelb will not be getting rid of me that easily. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

But first things first: there is a celebration to organise, and a holiday to book in. Catchyas on the flipside!

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