Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BKK #2

Hiya folks!

I'm currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight out to Phuket, and I have about an hour to kill, so naturally, I hopped on the internet. Ever notice that when I am not responsible for my own transportation out to the airport, I arrive with plenty of time?

So, since I last wrote, I have had many excellent adventures. On Monday, I had another day of "flying by the seat of my pants" and after finding myself a decent pair of runners in the Siam Center (boy, did my poor leg muscles thank me for that! Any sensible person would have had some sturdy walking shoes with them from the beginning, but the more courses I do, the less I seem able to spell my own name...), I jumped back on the Express Boat and headed out to Wat Pho Temple. It was really serene out there, and as I scaled up the extraordinarily steep stairs, I encountered one of the best views of BKK available. Whilst there, I also encountered my first squat loo (some Scottish woman was kind enough to warn me prior to entering), which I reckon would be an experience for anyone who has only ever encountered pedestal porcelain before... They had a market at Wat Pho, and I bought this handmade wire Harley Davison model, which I probably wouldn't have bought if the bloke selling them hadn't have grabbed the minature handbars of it and started saying "VROOOM VROOOM". Very very cool though.

Ferried back to the other side of the river, then caught another boat for the hell of it. I ended up at Khao San Road purely by accident, and was just in my element. It just had a great atmosphere, and there were more market stalls for me to look at and more Thai Fisherman's Pants for me to buy (currently up to 4 pairs. Whoops!). Grabbed a banana pancake, then went back to the hotel to get ready for my night out.

I went and saw the Calypso show that night, and was just amazed. It was part cabaret, part comedy, and incredibly well put together. Personal highlights include seeing some Japanese people in the audience killing themselves with laughter because one of the acts involved an extraordinarily exaggerated performance of a Japanese pop song, and having the opportunity to pose for a couple of pics with the gals. They put on two shows per night, and I have no idea how they find the energy.

Yesterday, I went out to Kachanaburi on a tour to the River Kwai, as well as some elephant riding, death rail train riding and some bamboo rafting. I started the day at 6am, and didn't get back until about 7pm that night, so was definitely stuffed by the end of it. It was great to get out to the countryside and see a bit of the land. Tour was good, and got some great pics, so hopefully I will get to uploading them soon (if not, you'll just have to wait until I get home!). When I got back to the hotel again, I tarted myself up a bit and headed out to dinner, again down Khao San road way. The market was buzzing, and every time I turned around some woman was trying to sell me a croaking frog toy, or some Tuk Tuk driver was trying to offer me a lift. Music was pumping all the way along, and it was just amazing to me that I could walk down the middle of the street, buying stuff with a Smirnoff in my hand, and the beat going. I am going to really miss these markets when I get back to Australia (if I come back... :D). Finally, I decided the sensible thing to do would be to get back to the hotel before I drank another Smirnoff and bought more stuff, so caught a Tuk Tuk back. They overcharge somewhat, but it's an experience I reckon everyone has to have at least once.

That's the short of it for now. Next stop is Phuket for two nights, then I am on to Phi Phi and Ao Nang. Hope you're all well, and catch ya soon!

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